Bad weather de-energize 200 settlements

Непогода обесточила 200 населенных пунктов

Western Ukraine suffered from the weather

Most affected Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv region.

In the night the storm struck the seven areas of Ukraine, resulting in 195 settlements remained without electricity. On Friday, October 6, reported in Department on public relations of SSES.

“Ivano-Frankivsk – 48 B. p., Lvov – 44 n .p. Volyn – 42 settlement, Rivne – 23 settlement, Transcarpathian – 18 n. p., Ternopil – 17 settlement, Chernivtsi – 3 settlement To restore electricity settlements involved brigade 43 power companies (43 units of machinery and 135 people)”, – told in gschs.

Rescuers say that the wind was so strong that brought down trees. In Zhovkva district with a five-story building blew off the roof. Because of falling trees on the railway line disrupted the movement of trains.

“As of 7:00 October 6, fallen trees removed, roadways roads cleared. For liquidation of consequences of difficult weather conditions involved divisions of gschs – 46 personnel, 14 units of equipment,” – said in SSES.

Earlier it was reported that strong winds knocked down trees and broke wires of the transmission network in the Lviv region.