Bad weather de-energize localities in the three areas

Непогода обесточила населенные пункты в трех областях

Bad weather has disconnected 15 settlements

In three areas from-for difficult weather conditions triggered the protection system of power lines, resulting in 15 settlements were de-energized.

In Ukraine from-for difficult weather conditions in the night of Wednesday, January 17, was de-energized 15 settlements in three areas. This was reported by press service of the SSES.

“From 16 to 17 January as a result of complication of weather conditions (snow, wind), due to actuation of protection systems power lines de-energizing occurred 15 settlements in 3 regions, namely: Donetsk – 9 n. p., Zaporizhia – 3 n. p., Odessa – 3 settlement”, – reported in the Antimonopoly.

The restoration of power supply took crews regional power.

Previously, Ukrainians were warned about the significant complications of weather conditions this week.