Bad weather: guidance for drivers and pedestrians

Непогода: рекомендации для водителей и пешеходов

Drivers are asked to be careful on the roads

Police urge drivers and pedestrians to take into account the deterioration in the weather on December 2.

Police urge road users to care and caution on the roads Friday, December 2, due to the bad weather.

“Be cautious when crossing bridges and overpasses, refuse risky manevrirovanie. In any case do not exceed the speed, stick to a safe distance and Parking regulations, so as not to interfere with snow plows. During heavy precipitation suggest drivers to refrain from traveling long distances, and those who are left, to be extremely careful,” – said in the appeal to the drivers of management of safety of traffic of the Department of preventive activities of the National police.

As for pedestrians, given the ice they are encouraged to cross the road in designated areas only, do not go on the roadway directly in front of the car – the driver will not have time to slow down.

“In the dark, use reflective elements”, – stated in the message.

The queues at the border with Poland there are more than 1200 cars

According to ukrgidromettsentra in the Ukraine December 2, inclement weather will determine the cyclone moving from the North-West of Europe. Expected severe weather conditions: wet snow (in the South with rain), at night in the West, day and Northern and Central regions of strong sleet in most areas, places ice, sleet sticking, a Blizzard, on roads ice.