Bad weather in Kyiv has restricted the movement of public transport

Непогода в Киеве ограничила движение общественного транспорта

The downpour flooded the streets of Kiev

Over night thunderstorms and fallen trees trams and trolleybuses are unable to come to routes. In addition, at the airport in Kyiv to them. Igor Sikorsky (Zhulyany) has cancelled a number of flights.

In Kiev as a result of bad weather on the morning of Thursday, August 16, blocked traffic on some tram and trolleybus routes. This is stated in the message of the Kyiv city state administration.

It is noted that last night’s rain has made adjustments to the movement of some routes of ground transport. The tram route №18 in the street of Artem blocked – drifted sand.

In addition, two fallen trees from 05:00 blocked the departure of trolleybus depot №2 and the movement of trolley buses №№ 22, 27, 30, the movement of the trolley in the direction of m. Shulyavska, trolleybuses №№ 22, 27, 30 to Industrial viaduct and trolley buses of a route № 30 Miloslavskaya str – century Zenith. Now movement is restored.

Also from 05:50 to St. Liberators, 7 in the direction of the Darnitsa area of the water flooded the roadway, which was blocked by nos 29, 50, 50K trolleybus routes. Traffic was restored at 06:25.

In addition, according to UNN, due to the bad weather at the airport in Kyiv to them. Igor Sikorsky (Zhulyany) has cancelled a number of flights. Passengers of canceled flights of when they will be able to fly from Kiev, has not yet been reported.



Earlier it was reported that the night hurricane turned the downtown dump.

Flood in Kiev: the capital covered a hurricane with hail


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