Bakadjika announced a new conflict with the police

Блокадчики заявили о новом конфликте с полицией

In Kostyantynivka at the checkpoint was the scene of clashes between police and Bloodstone

The clash occurred at a checkpoint in Kostyantynivka, the parties blame each other.

The participants of the blockade of Donbass said about the confrontation with police, which occurred at a checkpoint in Konstantinovka, Donetsk region, reports Hromadske.

According to the head of the headquarters of the blockade Sergey Akimovich, to the location of bloodchild who went to the redoubt of the 16th battalion, arrived militiamen, who refused to provide documents.

“They (law enforcement – ed.) opened fire on our guys. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and nobody was arrested,” – said the chief of Staff.

A message and video that shows the shooting in the air, the Headquarters of the blockade was published on the page in Facebook. However, after a few minutes the post was deleted.

Блокадчики заявили о новом конфликте с полицией

Akimovich stated that “the post was deleted because of an error in the description. There is not the military of the 16th battalion and the 16th battalion redoubt”.

Later at the Headquarters of the blockade announced the resumption of the work of the redoubt “16 the volunteer battalion”.

The police also reported the incident at the checkpoint. According to them, the convoy of about 50 people, headed by people’s Deputy Taras Pastukh stopped to check.

Some people from the column refused to be tested and made attempt to break through the checkpoint. The clashes one policeman was injured due to the use of the “blockade” of tear gas.

The participants of the blockade, said that the police had beaten MP parasiuk Slavonic, together with its allies, and poisoned them with gas.

In turn, the police claim that the MP started to hit the security forces and tried to take away their weapons.