Balakleya is completely cleared of ammunition

Also cleared nine localities belonging to the zone of emergency.

In the Kharkiv region of pyrotechnics is completely cleared of explosive devices territory Blakley and the surrounding nine settlements. This was reported in the state service for emergency situations on the morning of Tuesday, April 18.

For the elimination of consequences of emergency situations attracted 165 people and 44 units of special equipment. Pyrotechnics DSNs are on duty around the clock, added the Agency.

It is noted that the scene continues to work the staff on elimination of consequences of emergency situations.

Earlier in gschs declared that the 10 km area around the Arsenal in Balakleya it is planned to clean from explosives until may 18 of this year.

We will remind, a fire on an Arsenal in Balakleya in Kharkiv region Ukraine has lost ammunition for a billion dollars.

The explosions at military depots Blakley

The residents of Blakley will receive money for lost housing

In the area of Balakleya and seized more than 26 thousand ammunition

In Balakleya ammunition burned in the billions

In balakliia narrowed the danger zone

The cleaning zone from the ammunition in Balakleya reduced to 500 meters