Baloch very bad feeling – the leader of the Mejlis

Балух очень плохо себя чувствует - лидер Меджлиса

In the detention center of Simferopol to Balaju threatens to send him to the hole. He is on hunger strike for 167 days.

Crimean prisoner Mr Baloch who continues hunger strike for 167 days, very bad feeling, said Facebook Deputy Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ahtem Chiygoz.

“I night said that Mr Baloch a very bad feeling. Also said that it wants to send to the hole (solitary confinement),” wrote Chiygoz.

In comments to the Public Chiygoz said that in the jail have repeatedly pointed out violations of Baluja because of alleged non-compliance with the regime, because he is starving.

Baluch contained in a common cell of the detention center of Simferopol.

Recall that the FSB arrested Vladimir Baloga 8 December 2016. The FSB claimed that he had found in the attic of the house where Mr Baloch, 90 rounds and a few TNT blocks.

Protection of Baluja and human rights defenders claim that he was the victim of reprisals for his Pro-Ukrainian position – because of the flag of Ukraine which was in the yard of his house.

From 19 March 2018 Baluch continues an indefinite hunger strike. During the protest, he lost 30 kilograms of weight. After a month of hunger strike, he agreed to take two cups of oatmeal jelly and 50-70 g rye crackers a day.