Ban Ki-moon after 10 years, the UN said goodbye to the organization: Said that he feels “like Cinderella”

Пан Ги Мун после 10 лет в ООН попрощался с организацией: Сказал что чувствует себя "как Золушка"

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), ban Ki-moon after 10 years, the UN said goodbye to the organization. At yesterday’s ceremony at the UN, he joked that he feels “like Cinderella”, because at midnight for him, too, there’s a change. On new year’s day second term, ban Ki-moon to the post of Secretary General expires.

Reported by the Associated Press.

Festive midnight ban Ki-moon will convene in times Square in new York, which will host the traditional ceremony of the lowering of the Crystal ball. This year, the honour to press the button triggering the ball in motion will have ban Ki-moon.

In his farewell address, he urged the diplomats to “focus on people – human rights and human dignity”.

Ban Ki-moon stressed that confidently passes the baton to an outstanding successor.

“I know that Mr. Guterres is a person of high principles. He is not indifferent to the suffering of others. And these qualities he has already shown when he held the post of the high Commissioner for refugees. I am very pleased that member States of the UN have chosen as my successor such a beautiful person,” said the outgoing UN Secretary-General.

It is reported that ban Ki-moon will fly home to South Korea on 3 January.

We will remind, antónio Guterres was sworn in as the new head of the United Nations.

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