Ban Ki-moon: Aleppo became “synonymous with hell”

Пан Ги Мун: Алеппо стал "синонимом ада"

UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon

Former UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon at a farewell press conference said that the slaughter in Syria remains a gaping wound on the conscience of mankind”, and Aleppo has become “synonymous with hell.”

This reports the press center of the UN.

Former Secretary General recalled that at the beginning of the evacuation of the city could leave thousands of people, including more than 190 sick and wounded. They were taken to a hospital in Idlib, in the area West of Aleppo and transferred to Turkey. However, due to the resumption of hostilities by the Syrian military operation had to be suspended. The UN talks in order to continue saving people, said ban Ki-moon.

The outgoing UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon warned that time rage, the violence does not stop by itself. We see examples of this almost six-year war in Syria, the protracted conflicts in the Central African Republic and Yemen, the violence in South Sudan, which could lead to genocide, the report said.

He acknowledged that leaves a legacy to his successor and member States of the UN, many challenges remain.

Also ban Ki-moon said that narrow personal or national interests result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. He noted with regret that the States members of the United Nations are retreating from the accepted once the obligation to protect civilians from the most serious atrocities when their governments are unable or unwilling to do so.

We will remind, US President Barack Obama at the final press conference said that the blood of the people of Aleppo at the hands of the Assad regime and its supporters from Russia and Iran.

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