Bank unison has accused the national Bank of raiding

Банк Юнисон обвинил Нацбанк в рейдерстве

Bank unison asks to check the decision of the national Bank on the recognition of insolvent financial institutions

The Bank asked the Ombudsman and the IMF to check the decision of the national Bank.

Shareholders of the Bank unison have sent official letters to business Ombudsman and the IMF resident representative in Ukraine with the requirement to understand the situation, which revolves around a Bank.

In their opinion, the decision of the NBU to carry a financial institution insolvent indicates a raider attack from the regulator.

The documents indicated that, despite the financial crisis and economic instability in the country, the Bank unison has been an active participant of the financial market and fulfilled all obligations to their depositors and clients. In the addresses given concrete evidence to support this.

Now all the control functions moved to a temporary administrator, whose actions had a negative impact on the stability of the Bank. In particular, we have blocked debit cards (including payroll), employees are granted unwarranted verbal instructions, limited to customer service in branches.

“Due to the fact that the Ukrainian officials are now mired in corruption, the Bank’s shareholders unison forced to communicate in international institutions. Only joint efforts can stop the raiding of the state and to increase the attractiveness of Ukraine, making it a competitive country for attracting investments”, – noted in the complaints of shareholders.

Note, at the time of introduction of temporary administration, the Bank unison was absolutely solvent. All indicators are confirmed by the rating agencies and reputable international companies.

“This is a unique situation in the market, when completely healthy, the Bank with liquidity that exceeds 2-3 times as necessary according to the regulations of the NBU, the need for closure obligations, was declared insolvent. Otherwise, as the state raiding the high scale, we regard this situation can not” – said the shareholders of Unisono.

Earlier, the shareholders of the Bank unison has filed two lawsuits in the District administrative court of Kiev with the requirement to recognize illegal and to cancel the resolution of the NBU Board on recognizing a Bank insolvent.