Bank unison to challenge the introduction of temporary administration

Банк Юнисон оспорит введение временной администрации

Bank unison intends to sue the national Bank for introduction of temporary administration

The Bank unison claim about raider attack of the state level.

The sudden decision of the national Bank on the introduction of temporary administration in the Bank unison – a fact unprecedented state of raiding. In a statement, the Bank will emphasize their ability to pay and intend to sue the NBU.

“We, the shareholders of the Bank unison, regard the decision of the NBU on implementation of the Bank provisional administration as a fact unprecedented state of raiding. We emphasize that the Bank is solvent unison, works and has always worked exclusively on a transparent financial model, fulfilling all the standards and requirements of the NBU, all of its obligations to customers and investors. We will fight for the rights of their clients and investors, your team and defend them in court”, – reads the statement of the Bank.

The financial institution has also announced its intention to sue the leadership of the NBU. At the same time, the Bank’s staff has already came out to protest against the introduction of the interim administration.

The Bank’s shareholders claim that the to the changing requirements of the regulator to the transparency of the ownership structure of banks of Ukraine, unison promptly and in full provided all the necessary documents that reveal the structure of ownership and shareholders. However, without objective reasons, the NBU has repeatedly denied the shareholders ‘ approval. Thus, controller were artificially created restrictions that were not under a legal basis.

The Bank assured: because of the negligent actions by the NBU from cooperation with the Bank unison had previously refused foreign investors, resulting in both the Bank and Ukraine lost their investment of several hundred million euros.

“Unfortunately, today in Ukraine there was a situation when in the first place are not the interests of development of business and government, and personal gain of certain high-ranking officials and the desire for illicit enrichment. And this is the state raiding causing irreparable blow not only for our business, but in General the reputation of the country in the eyes of foreign investors who could come to work in Ukraine”, – said in a statement to shareholders.

The Bank stressed that unison never attracted refinancing from the NBU, while actively financing the population and business even during the most acute economic crisis. So, at the end of 2015, the Bank’s loan portfolio amounted to 579.6 million hryvnias to the state budget and the Bank paid more than 16.7 million hryvnia.

Recall, the NBU Board resolution No. 300/BT dated 28 April, unison Bank classified as insolvent in connection with an opaque ownership structure.

As reported the, the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits in mid-April, has sold the assets of insolvent banks 27.