Baptism in Ukraine: the Stars and the prisoners in the hole

Крещение в Украине: Звезды и заключенные в проруби

The baptism of 2019 in Ukraine: Klitschko in the hole

Ukrainians swim in an ice hole, the sea and the pool. On Epiphany on January 19 in the Holy water noticed politicians, singers and prisoners. As Ukraine celebrates the Baptism – see in the photo.

In the night from 18 to 19 January in Ukraine began to celebrate the Baptism. According to tradition, many plunged into the day in the hole.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, the gathering of the heads of Metropolitan areas, deputies, Deputy head of the KSCA, plunged into the hole in the Park Natalka. While Klitschko stressed that the action was voluntary. He invited his colleagues to temper myself and the team, and they agreed.

After bathing, the mayor congratulated those present and all Ukraine on the occasion of Baptism.



Boasted foreign Epiphany bathing Ukrainian singers Vitaly Kozlovsky and Alexander Ponomarev.

From the Holy Vodohrescha!!!

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Christ Grease ! Dopod – than Russian there is not znayshov ! Ale today the Water is Holy in usamu In ! From Saint us !

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Odessans gathered on the banks of the “Jordan” of the sea. On the beach “Gold coast” came hundreds of citizens to come to the blessed water on the day of the Baptism of the Lord.

On the beach was attended by vicar of the diocese of Odessa Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail, Bishop Diodorus. The Archbishop sprinkled the present and blessed Epiphany bathing. Also on the beach deployed a field kitchen with hot tea was waiting ambulance and firefighters.



Are unable to plunge into the sea with everyone, but not left without the Holy water of the Odessa detention center inmates. In the yard they made baptismal font from the inflatable pool.

The head of the missionary Department of the Odessa eparchy of the UOC-MP Archpriest Oleg mokryak sprinkled the rest of the prisoners in jail and their camera.

Joined the night bathing the inhabitants of Zaporozhye. Citizens swam in the river. The hole they have, however, was not, but the lack of “Epiphany frosts” did not stop anyone.

Local rescuers have installed large lights and continued on duty on the beach until morning.

All locations for Epiphany bathing in Lviv, from early morning lined up. Hundreds of townspeople gathered on the banks of ponds, dive into the hole, taking selfies and drinking tea.

Those who have not consecrated themselves in the “Jordan water”, lined up near the temples with bottles and buckets to stock up on Holy water for the whole year.


In Krivoy Rog for those who want to plunge on Epiphany not only made a hole in the shape of a cross, but also organized on the beach concert. The mood was created by the staff of the folk song “Oksamit”. Near the location made a makeshift stage where you set up the equipment.

Supported the tradition to plunge into the hole, the residents of Berdichev. The action started near the local Church, then the procession went to the previously prepared place. There are installed wooden steps and handrails, as well as shielded the hole with tape.

After the priest did rituals, citizens dipped in Holy water.

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