Barcelona hosted Lyon in the Champions League, making fans nervous

Барселона прошла Лион в Лиге чемпионов, заставив фанатов понервничать

Barcelona defeated Lyon, but the intrigue lasted almost to the end of the match.

Catalan Barcelona reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, defeating French Lyon, who worthily fought, during the match has revived the intrigue, but still lost in the class.

In the first match in Lyon, the opponents did not score goals, so everything was decided at the camp Nou.

Barcelona from the first minutes have designated the advantage and Lopes had to show my level after the shock Coutinho and Suarez. However, the goal has not kept itself waiting – on 18 minutes, Suarez on the left burst into the penalty area and fell down after a tackle Denier. A rather controversial penalty – it seemed that Suarez rather, he stepped on the foot Denieru, but the referee after viewing the VAR showed the 11-meter mark, and Messi converted the penalty a “penalty shot”.

Lyon could immediately compare. Dembele received a pass from Depay and shot just over the bar. And yet it was an isolated moment, while Barcelona continued to dominate possession.

Lopes after half an hour again rescued his team when parried beautiful Curling shot Suarez, and minutes later gave to score after a one-on-one Coutinho. In this episode the goalkeeper of Lyon was hit on the head (the ball rebound – ed.). Its six minutes, put in order, but missed. Arthur’s long pass from deep found Suarez, who drove the ball to the far post where Coutinho scored. Shortly thereafter, Lopes has been replaced in goal Gorzelany.

Before the break the score could grow to devastating, but Suarez shot wide, and after the kick into the far corner Gurzelen saved his team.

Early in the second half, the hosts missed another opportunity to score. After the transfer, Artra Messi lobbed the goalkeeper, but the opposition defender managed to clear the ball which was flying into an empty net.

And here happened the tipping point – the residents of Lyon are pulled one goal back for half an hour before the end of the match. After a corner ball darted to kick the Catalans, and Tusar broke past defenders and the goalkeeper.

Poti then guests could not equalize the score. Fekir on the left burst into the penalty area and smashes towards the top corner, but slightly missed. Generally, in these minutes, Lyon took the initiative and Barcelona had to put in the effort to bring the match under their control.

Ten minutes before the end of the match, Messi received the ball, beat two defenders and shot into the corner. Gargalen the football projectile reach, but to recapture him have failed.

After that, the guests collapsed. The same Messi pulled the ball almost to midfield, and then in the penalty area found the Peak that brought the score to devastating. After a few minutes, Barcelona counterattack and Dembele on the left edge of the penalty area once again struck the goalkeeper of rivals.

Barcelona — Lyon 5:1
Goals: Messi 17 (penalty kick), 78, Pique, 81, dembélé, 86, Coutinho, 31

Barcelona: Ter Stegen — Roberto (Semed, 83), Peak, Lengle, Alba — Rakitic, Busquets, Arthur (Vidal 74) — Messi, Suarez, Coutinho (Dembele, 70).

Lyon: Lopez (Gurzelen, 34) — Dubois, Marcelo, Denier, Mendy (Root, 77) — Ntombela, Tusar, Marcal — Fekir, Depay (Traore, 73) — Dembele.

Warning: Lingle — Marsal, Dembele.

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