Barcelona will remain in Example in the case of independence of Catalonia

Барселона останется в Примере в случае независимости Каталонии

Barcelona remains Spain

The Catalans will continue to play in La Liga and the Spanish Cup.

Catalan Barcelona will continue performance in the championship and the Cup even if Catalonia declares independence from Spain. It is reported by Catalan newspaper El Mundo Deportivo, citing its sources at the club.

“In any case, Barcelona will continue to play in the Example and the Spanish Cup tournaments, where she registered as a member of the Catalan football Federation (KFF), which is part of the Royal football Federation of Spain (CFFI). KFF is not going to secede from the United CFFI, whatever that the President of Catalonia, Carles Pakdaman,” writes El Mundo Deportivo.

Earlier, the French newspaper potrollila Peak because of the referendum in Catalonia.

According to the materials: