Basketball Superleague Pari-Match. The end of the week

Баскетбольная Суперлига Пари-Матч. Итоги недели

Last week the super League Betting-Match gave the Ukrainian the fan of ten matches. focuses readers on the key events.

Eight in a row

Баскетбольная Суперлига Пари-Матч. Итоги недели

Volynmarket – PUTT– 70:89 (14:21, 21:25, 22:21, 13:22)

24 Nov 2016. Lutsk. ODYUSSH

After a confident victory in Krivoy Rog and difficult travel to Nikolaev, where the word BIPA also emerged victorious, Odessa was expecting the visit to Lutsk. Prior to this face-to-face duel the duelists reflected the bright contrast of victories and defeats. Bloodless the latest financial UPS and downs of Volynmarket lost three games in a row. In turn, wards of Vadim Puzyrey, after a long and most importantly a great home tour (5 matches – 5 wins), managed to continue in the same spirit and on the road. The team of Dmitry Tchaikovsky, on the eve of the match there were personnel changes. The Lutsk club was left by the experienced artists: defender Sergei Alferov and center Artem Chemyakin.

BEEPS began to play on his own script and by a substantial margin, both in the paint and on the perimeter, in the debut were able to break away to a safe distance. In the final quarter the visitors again given the heat under the ring, and truncated frames Volynmarket had nothing to oppose. Guests confidently started and confidently finished. Once again it is worth noting a trio of back-court Artamonov Funderburk–Slipenchuk, well joined the scheme Vadim Puzyrey.

In the next battle the team of Dmitry Tchaikovsky miserably lost to the Chemist 50:64. After the fiasco at the press conference, the coach talked about the clubs ‘ poor financial situation of the club, but also noted some positive moments. He said the local government is finally beginning to pay attention to the “knights” even declarative. Tchaikovsky also encouraged potential partners for joint solutions to problems.

As for the console beeps, that Victoria became the team of South Palmyra is the eighth in a row. So far this is the longest winning streak in the season. Let’s see whether the Odessa squad to confirm the title of the most progressive teams of the season in the next match with Budivelnik, 9 Dec.


Volynmarket: Kijko, (5 + 4 assists), Tymoshchuk (10 + 5 assists), Rudakov (12), Gerasimchuk (12), Wild (8 + 5 rebounds + 3 steals – 5 turnovers) – start; Glushko (), Kiseljak (4), Skanda (7), furs (10 + 5 assists), Motorcyc (2)

Head coach: Dmitry Tchaikovsky

BEEPS:the Artamonov (16 + 6 rebounds + 6 assists), Funderburk (16 + 3 steals), Antonets (3 + 5 rebounds), Volcano (3), Calavan (13) – start; Rosenzvit (3), E. Tkachenko (7 + 6 rebounds), Slipenchuk (10 + 7 assists – 5 turnovers), Kostyuchenko, Zhukovsky (18)

Head coach: Vadim Pujara

No leaders – no problems?

Баскетбольная Суперлига Пари-Матч. Итоги недели

25 November 2016. Krivoy Rog. SK NUC

Kryvbas – Dnipro 82:70 (23:17, 24:12, 13:16, 22:25)

Krivoy Rog team has been playing without a main player in top five Sergei Popov, and in the match with Bipai also lost MVP last season Dmitry Glebov. Personnel problems of the Krivbass had to play into the hands of their geographic neighbors, but as shown by the Dnieper Derby – nothing like this never happened. The team of Valeriy Plekhanov played a game in characteristic grass-roots, defensive manner. Here the chances of the enemy simply did not exist. Without Glebova and Popov the burden of leadership took Igor Boyarkin and Dmitry Lipovtsy. Both coped with their duties to cheer.

After the victory over the Dnieper, through the day Kryvbas confident, in the same style overcame Zaporozhye–ZOG (96:70). Interestingly, just six players in red-and-white scored more than 10 points. In addition to Dmitry Lipovtsev you should also highlight shots Evgeni Vornik, the asset is 15 points spent on the court 22 minutes.

With each match, Valery Plekhanov and his assistant Dmitry Badaev his work proves that not in vain take up the coaching post. Kryvbas unlike many other teams owns an effective defense and stable offense. All players red-and-white about the same level, it helps the coaching staff to adhere to game balance, even in these personnel situations. Yet, even the issue of the fifth issue, about which so much was said early in the season, has faded into the background. Tikhonov and Nikitin though not without mistakes, but their brand keep. Now Kryvbas sent in Kremenchuk, and Kharkov, where it is obvious the problems with rivals should not occur.


Kryvbas: Boyarkin (19 + 7 assists), Sundell (4 + 8 assists), Lipovtsy (21 + 7 rebounds + 4 assists), Walter (10), Tikhonov (13 + 11 rebounds) – start; Malczewski (5), Vilkhovetskiy (8), Orlenko (2).

Head coach: Valeriy Plekhanov

Dnepr: Mishula (14 + 6 transfers + 5 losses), Revzin (12), Month (12), timofeyenko (18), Zagreb (6 + 9 rebounds) – start; Shevchenko, Tkachuk (2 + 4 assists), zakurdaev (2), Tarasenko (4 + 5 rebounds), Masalsky.

Head coach: Denis Zhuravlev

The feast of weeks

Баскетбольная Суперлига Пари-Матч. Итоги недели

Nov 26, in Ukraine started the European basketball week, which this year will take place in 35 countries, Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia. In festival will take part more than 19 000 athletes. Starting day EBN 2016 fell to match the capital Budivelnik and Kharkiv Polytechnic who visited the kids of the Special Olympics Ukraine. Young basketball players of school №12 of the city of Kiev twice a week train and play their favorite game, but for all time, never got the opportunity to visit at this basketball super League match grade.

Баскетбольная Суперлига Пари-Матч. Итоги недели

What a holiday without gifts. At intermission the children was a surprise. Entertainment from the legendary Ukrainian basketball Grigoriy Khizhnyak which the children threw the ball into the ring. After the match (Budivelnik won 68:51), basketball players of the Kiev club presented young fans balls with personal autographs. Here in a fun, positive atmosphere was the first day of the European Basketball Week. There is still eight days featuring basketball events, the main of which will be held in Nikolaev on November 28-29. There is 14 teams from 9 regions of Ukraine.

Баскетбольная Суперлига Пари-Матч. Итоги недели

Drama in Nikolaev

MBC Mykolaiv – Dnipro 73:75 (21:13, 11:18, 20:27, 21:17)

27 Nov 2016. Nikolaev. SK Hope

After a hard-fought victory over the Kiev ZOG 70:67, wards Sergei Kiruna expected furious after Kryvyi Rih – Dnipro. Shipbuilders, though produced just two wins in their last eight games, but the easy life champion super League ABKU not promised. As you know, to play at the sports complex, the Hope is always challenging to even the most avid favorite and a usual match clearly proved it. MBK Mykolaiv already in the first quarter had built a small cushion, but in subsequent quarters has managed to squander the hard work the extracted advantage. As often happens in the current season, the audience Hopes witnessed a dramatic endgame, where victory would win both alone and others. Had more luck against Dnipro, who are a sophisticated contact Maxim Zakurdaev came to a point forward. The owners had an opportunity to bazer-beater, but Alexander Mishula intercepted game ball Alexey Onufriev and thereby stated the winning team of Denis Zhuravlev.

That’s how it was(!):

On December 9, Nikolaev will try to rehabilitate after an unfortunate loss away with Kharkiv Polytechnic University, and the Dnieper on the same day, will certainly beat experiencing financial difficulties Lutsk Volynmarket.


Nikolaev: Tonchenko (14 + 8 rebounds + 5 assists), Musienko (2), Onufriev (16 + 5 rebounds), Kushnirov (11 + 7 rebounds), Conference (6 + 10 rebounds) – start; Shvets (10 + 8 rebounds), Ivan (14 + 4 losses), Lebedintsev

Head coach: Sergei Kirlan

Dnepr: Mishula (12 + 5 assists + 3 steals), zakurdaev (8 + 6 rebounds + 4 assists), Revzin (14 + 5 rebounds), timofeyenko (14 + 9 rebounds + 4 assists), Zagreb (12 + 9 rebounds) – start; Masalsky (2), Shevchenko (4), Month (6), Tkachuk, Tarasenko (2).

Head coach: Denis Zhuravlev

Team of the week

Баскетбольная Суперлига Пари-Матч. Итоги недели

According to the tradition, the coaching Committee of the basketball Federation of Ukraine chooses the symbolic team of the last games of the week. This time the best were the following players:

Protector – the Klim Artamonov (BEEPS, Odessa) Points – 16 rebounds – 6, transmission – 6.

Shooting guard – Ruslan Otverchenko (Budivelnik, Kiev) Points – 17 rebounds – 2,5, transmission – a 3.5.

Small forward – Dmitry Lipovtsy (Krivbass, Krivoy Rog) Points – 18 rebounds – 4,5, transmission and 4.5.

Power forward Stanislav timofeyenko (Dnipro) Points – 16 rebounds and 7.5, transfer – 3.

Center – Igor Chumakov (Cherkasy Mavpy, Cherkasy). Points to 14.5, rebounds and 5.5, transfer – 4.

MVP of the week: Dmitry Lipovtsy

Баскетбольная Суперлига Пари-Матч. Итоги недели

Dmitry Lipovtsy in the games against Dnipro and Kiev–ZOG was the main driving force behind Kryvbas. Recall of white and red and both matches won, not giving opponents a chance for a successful outcome. The striker looked good defensively and was a leader in the attack Kryvbas. In both cases, namely “Lipa” (the so-called Dmitry teammates) scored the maximum utilization factor of 26 and 18 respectively.

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