Basketball the Japanese team got kicked off the team because of prostitutes

Баскетболистов сборной Японии выгнали из команды из-за проституток

Japan’s national team in basketball

The management team of Japan’s basketball League has used penalties to its players.

Four players expelled from the Japanese team at the Asian games in Indonesia because of their links with the local prostitutes.

According to the League, citing Kyodo dressed in the form of the national team basketball players visited a Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. At the end of dinner approached the man and introduced me to the girls from a nearby store. Together with them, the basketball players went to the hotel and have used paid sexual services.

Players sent home, a replacement team nobody called, so the tournament team will finish with 8 players.

Earlier it was reported that the team of Mexico spent the night with prostitutes before the start of the world Cup.

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According to the materials: