Basketball: Ukraine lost to Turkey in world Cup qualification-2019

Баскетбол: Украина проиграла Турции в отборе на ЧМ-2019

Ukrainian men’s team blew away match qualification.

The match of Ukraine and Turkey began with the good news, after the victory of the Latvian national team over Sweden in the other match of group B ensured both Turkey and Ukraine in the second round of world Cup qualifiers.

But it is not deprived of the need to win, because the formula of the selection such that the second stage takes into account points gained in the first stage

Wards Eugene Murzin, having coped with the initial excitement and pressure of the crowd, confidently started the game with Turkey in no way inferior opponent. Thanks to this, the Ukrainians won the first period 28:15.

Alas, the next game of our team happy. Turkey went three-pointers, they were accurate from free-kicks and played on rebounds. On the contrary, Ukraine has a lot of losses, missed shots, and limping defense while attacking from the perimeter. As a result, in the middle of the second quarter we missed a serious breakthrough, and to recover after which are unable.

Ukraine for the second time in world Cup qualification-2019 lost to Turkey and now it is waiting for the last match of the first stage against Latvia on 1 July.

Turkey – Ukraine 80:66 (15:28, 36:12, 10:11, 19:15)

Ukraine: gladyrya 17 + 4 rebounds, Kravtsov 13 + 5 podorov, Lukashov 10 + 3 rebounds, Jeter 7 + 4 assists + 3 steals

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