Basketball: Ukraine sensationally beat Spain

Баскетбол: Украина сенсационно обыграла Испанию

Our basketball team defeated the second team of the world.

The men’s team of Ukraine on basketball produced one of their most dramatic victories in history, beating Spain at home.

From the first minutes Ukrainian players began to show their serious attitude, reliable playing in the defense and carefully in the attack. In the first quarter of Spaniards scored only four times in the game, while a three-pointer from the Mikhaylyuk was allowed Ukraine to maintain the advantage and finish first quarter with +7.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Ukraine increased their lead to +11, but this time have set sight Areola, thanks to the triple which Spain even equalized. From that moment on the Playground went “swing”. Thanks to the ending of the third quarter, the Ukrainians have increased the lead to 5, but it wasn’t enough to stay calm.

The key moment happened 4 minutes before the end of the game, when the accurate hits Lukashova and dunk Kravtsova allowed Ukraine to break away on 11 points, and this advantage the blue and yellow have already is not lost.

The most productive Ukraine became Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk, but Laziness was not so much blistatel and more memorable by the failure of the penalty (0 to 6).

Qualification for the world Cup 2019

Ukraine – Spain 76:65 (19:12, 17:22, 20:17, 20:14)

Ukraine: Lukashov (11 + 5 assists), mykhailiuk (22 + 5 interceptions), Konev (1 + 2 blocked shots), rabbits (3), Lane (8 + 5 rebounds) – start; Gladyr (4 assists), Jeter (6), beavers (3 + 5 rebounds), herun summarizes (6), Kobets, Kravtsov (13), Lime (3)

Spain: Colom (15 + 4 assists), J. fernández (3), Pauli (11), Aguilar (6) says (4) – start; yusta (3), Baran, I. Diop (5 + 6 rebounds), Oriola (4 + 7 rebounds), S. Rodriguez (12), Sastre (2)

Their next match selection for the world Cup 2019 national team of Ukraine will hold out against Montenegro on September 17.

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