Bayern - Dortmund: Today will be the match of the German championship

Bayern - Borussia

“Bavaria” - “Borussia”. The Bavarians will take their main opponent, who need a win in “Der Klassiker”. Online broadcast of the match “Bavaria” - “Borussia” will begin on at 19:00 and watch the match on the channel “Sport 2”.

8 APR, 19:30
Munich, The “Allianz Arena”
German Bundesliga, 28 round
“Bavaria” - “Borussia”

Bayern can finish the season playing at half-strength. A separation in 10 points from the nearest persecutors from the “Leipzig” allows us to approach each match. Borussia things are much worse. Although, being in fourth place, below which the wards Tuchel is unlikely to fall, Borussia Bavarians can impose their game.

Moreover, Bayern already in the week to take home real Madrid in the Champions League. And own fans will not forgive a bad game either in the present nor in the European Cup match. So, Ancelotti and his team will have to tune seriously. It is a pity that such a match can pass without leaders Borussia Royce and the Forward, whose injury.

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Forecast bookmakers:

1xBet betting: win Bayern 1.70, the draw 4.20, win Borussia - 5.40
Winline: the victory of “Bavaria” - 1.69 draw - 4.07, victory Borussia - 4.89

Forecast 2-1

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