Baziv: Obama’s Weakness has provoked a frenzy of Putin, who attacked the Ukraine

Базив: Слабость Обамы спровоцировала безумие Путина, который напал на Украину

The weakness of President Barack Obama provoked a frenzy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attacked Ukraine. This was announced by extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine Vasyl Baziv, the TV channel “112 Ukraine“.

“Obama was very comfortable, the President of the United States. And Obama’s weakness has provoked a frenzy of Putin, who attacked Ukraine. Would be a strong President in the United States, Putin ten times would think, to do what he did in Ukraine and now doing in Syria. So Obama was very comfortable, almost tame and exceptionally comfortable for Putin. When Putin, as a personality, strong figure, Obama, as a personality, is extremely weak. Trump has raised a completely new the flag of their activities,” said Baziv.

He added: “In politics, an important course, but more important than style. Obama is a soft power (soft power – ed.). Appeasement, negotiation and compromise. And trump has said that he takes this flag American position in the world as the leader of mankind at the present stage and post a new flag Peace thru power (peace through strength). There will be no peace, and will be, as they say in Moscow, peace enforcement. It radically changes the whole situation.”

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Also, according to Baziv, the main purpose of the trip of the Senator from Republican party John McCain in Ukraine to study the situation here.