Beaten by the people’s Deputy Sobolev was a “cyborg”

Избитый нардепом Соболевым оказался "киборгом"

Ardent previously defended the Donetsk airport

The man Ardent with the call sign previously defended the Donetsk airport.

The man in front of Parliament was beaten by the MP from the faction of Samopomich Yehor Sobolev, was the defender of the Donetsk airport. About this in his Facebook said the blogger Yakov Evgenyevich.

“It turned out that someone beat Egor Zimin and aunts Husk, the one Zimin called a provocateur – was indeed a cyborg with DaPa, call Ardent”, – he wrote.

The blogger also made a video that proves his words (start watching from 01:54).

We will remind, under the walls of Parliament there was a fight between the people’s Deputy from the Samopomich Yehor Sobolev and one of the protesters, who claimed that in the area of the ATO defended the Donetsk airport.