Became aware of the needs of returned prisoners

Стало известно о потребностях возвращенных пленных

The exchange of military

They were provided with medicines and hygiene products, but the needs remain.

Distributed social networks the information that the hostages who returned from ORDO need absolutely everything, not true. Zabiela about it on a press-conferences the head of office of the representative of the President of Ukraine on the issues of rehabilitation of ATO participants: Natalia Zaretskaya, reports

According to her, returned from the captivity of Ukrainians fully equipped with everything necessary for treatment.

“Information in social networks that the children of the captivity need literally everything, is absolutely untrue. Medicines and hygiene they are provided in full. But this does not mean that they have need of nothing, someone needs a tracksuit, someone or something”, she said.

Now, according to her, 24 soldiers are on the territory of the military hospital and 36 civil Theophany.

“Many ask for leave home for holidays or take a walk in Kiev, the hospital is going to meet them. Now most of them can go home at any time to seek necessary help,” she added.

Also resolved issues with the resettlement of those who lived in the occupied territory, of about 30 people. In the near future at session of the government will be delivered on the initiative of the compensation return from captivity, so they can arrange your life.

As reported, on December 27 during the massive exchange on the Ukraine-controlled territory were transported 73 hostages, the militants of Kiev gave 233 as they may request.

We will remind, released from captivity by the military was sent to be treated.