Became known cause of death of the mother and her children in Skadovsk

Стала известна причина гибели матери и ее детей в Скадовске

Woman drugged their children lethal dose of sleeping pills and committed suicide

Forensic scientists found in children antiallergic medication, which are prohibited for children of their age. Investigators believe that the kids they are specially watered the mother and then killed himself.

Kherson experts have established the cause of death of the mother and her two children in Skadovsk. It is reported portal the Typical Heron on Tuesday, August 22.

We will remind that 34-year-old owner of a real estate Agency from the regional centre along with her sons aged seven and nine, were found dead in a rented apartment on the street Marubishi in Skadovsk. On the head women were wearing duct-taped plastic bag, and visible signs of violence on their bodies are not noticed.
To determine the causes of death of three people in the regional Bureau is judicial-medical examination appointed Toxicological examination, during which the boys showed signs of poisoning doxylamine which they were given, admixed in sweet juice.

Doxylamine (donormil) is an affordable drug sleeping pills and anti-allergenic action. It is sold in the pharmacy, but is contraindicated in children and adolescents under 15 years: for them it is dangerous even its use, and overdose without timely medical care is deadly.

For the mother of the dead children, the experts decided: she also took phenobarbital in combination with valocordin – apparently tried to fight this way with the consequences of a long depression after her divorce from her husband.

The woman’s death was not from drug overdose, but due to the closure of nose and mouth, which has become a hindrance to breathing. So that confirmed the original version of what happened: due to a depressed woman killed his sons and committed suicide.

We will remind that earlier in Kiev, the man tried to stab ex-wife.

It was also reported that in the river in Kiev, found the dismembered body of a woman.

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