Became known details of the murder Moskovskoy

Стали известны детали убийства Ноздровской

Irina Noskovskaya

Yuri Rossoshanskiy the detainee confessed that he had killed Irina Moskovskoy the result of an argument.

During the investigative experiment and interrogation of the detainee on suspicion in murder of human rights activist Irina Moskovskoy Yuri Rossoshanskiy told details of the crime, reports the Insider.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, Rossoshanskiy said that he acted alone and killed Moskovskoy the result of an argument with her at a bus stop in the village Demidov.

“During interrogation he said that at the stop there was a quarrel, after which he pulled a knife and stabbed the victim blows to the neck. After committing the crime, he dragged her to the river, the clothes on which were great drops of blood burned in the oven”, – the interlocutor told.

The court on election of a measure of restraint for the suspect is scheduled for January 9, the prosecution intends to ask for his detention.

Yuri Rossoshanskiy have father Dmitry Rossoshansky driver, who in September of 2015 hit and killed a sister Moskovskoy – Svetlana Suputinsky.

Case Mostovskoy: the detainee declared suspicion

Recall that on 8 January the police detained a suspect in the murder Mostovskoy.

January 1, near Kiev found dead previously missing human rights activist Irina Moskovskuyu. The woman led a case on the death of her sister, who in September 2015 killed Dmitry rossoshansky – nephew of the district judge, at the time of the accident was in a condition of narcotic intoxication.