Became known rates on a hacker attack

Стали известны расценки на хакерские атаки

A hacker attack can be ordered for $ 10

Published price list from hacker attacks based on the results of the study proposals on the darknet. Their prices start from $ 10 per hour.

British cyber security specialists from the company’s Armor has published a report where it announced the prices for the various services hacking and attacks on websites. It is reported

According to analysts of the firm, the DDoS attack will cost the customer $ 10 per hour. When you purchase services for a long time you can get a discount: weekly systematic attack on the website are estimated at 500-1200 dollars. Botnets are available immediately by subscription for a month with support and assistance in basic and advanced packages for 900 and $ 1,350, respectively.

According to Armor, pyatidesyatimetrovy steal passwords or very cheap the “withdrawal” accounts are not in demand compared to the flourishing market penetration of credit cards and documents.

The cost of obtaining access to a Bank account varies from the amount which it is stored: from hundreds of dollars through several thousands of to progressive the price tag on the balance above 20 thousand dollars.

Another popular request in the dark Internet fake documents. These include not only a passport and a driver’s license, but a green card, Bank statements and medical prescriptions for drugs containing narcotic substances.

The most expensive documents of the North American countries: if a licence to drive Germany car enough to pay $ 38, the canadian law will cost from 400 to 1000 dollars.

The novelty of recent months on the black steel market bonus rewards. For example, over 50 thousand miles on buying tickets for one of the international carriers hackers demand $ 100-150.

Recall, the hackers said they could hack any iPhone.

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