Became known, the sum of the losses from the bankruptcy of Delta Bank

Стала известна сумма потерь кредиторов от банкротства Дельта Банка

The Fund announced losses from bankruptcy

The Deposit guarantee Fund has estimated the losses of creditors due to the bankruptcy of Delta Bank, 24.5 billion. This has resulted in the fraud of the former shareholders and top managers, according to the Department.

The estimated amount of the losses from the bankruptcy of Delta Bank is not less than 24.5 billion hryvnia. This was reported on the official website of the Deposit guarantee Fund.

As noted, the Fund made payments of guaranteed amounts to depositors of the Bank for the total amount of 16.15 billion.

To date unmet requirements of the Deposit guarantee Fund, as a creditor of the third stage is 14.9 billion. The Bank’s debts to the National Bank is 7.6 billion.

“Authorized person of Fund of guaranteeing found evidence that may indicate fraud former shareholders and executives of Delta Bank with the aim of obtaining refinancing. It is established that in securing the refinancing were transferred the same loan portfolio, although in each of the relevant agreements, it was alleged that the collateral is free from encumbrances”, – stated in the message.

According to the Fund, the Bank was systematic distortion of accounting data and statements provided by the NBU. The ratios were calculated on the basis of false accounting data, which allowed for a virtually non-existent funds does not reflect encumbrances of real Bank funds on correspondent accounts in foreign banks, and the like.

This led to a systematic and long-term improper concealment of the financial condition of the Bank and to unfounded loan refinance.

As reported Корреспондент.netin may 2016, the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office began criminal proceedings upon taking possession of officials of Delta Bank in cash for the sum more than 4,5 billion hryvnias.