Became known, when will open KPVV Maori

Стало известно, когда откроют КПВВ Майорское

KPVV the Mallorcan will open on 28 August

Near PPC has significantly improved the security situation, so the checkpoint will open again.

The checkpoint of entry-departure Mallorcan, whose work for a few days stopped because of the attacks of the separatists, will resume activities on August 28. On Monday, August 27, the press service of the Operations of the joint forces.

It is noted that this decision was made by the commander of OOS, Lieutenant-General Sergei New in connection with the improvement of the security situation in the area of PPC.

Work pass the Mallorcan will resume on Tuesday, August 28, from 6: 00 am.

The press service noted that “in case of aggravation of the situation, the command OOS reserves the right to take more decisive steps.”

Recall that the checkpoint Maori did not work for about three days. It was closed on 24 August because of the attacks.

A day earlier the checkpoint was fired upon by snipers. During the shelling damaged one of the modules in which the guards carried a pass through the line of demarcation.

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