Became known why Ukraine wins the European championship on struggle

Стало известно, почему у Украины отобрали чемпионат Европы по борьбе

The reason was more rigid position of United world wrestling.

President of United world wrestling Nenad Lalovic in a special statement on the official website announced the change of the requirements for countries wishing to host competitions. In particular, after this it became clear why Ukraine away TH wrestling among cadets, which in April had to take Kiev.

“As many of the international Federation, we are faced with the fact that countries allow politics to interfere in sports events. In the case of fighting this problem exists among our key partners. We can no longer allow political turmoil to invade the arena. We have to give a fitting rebuff to any enemy of our sports community, using all available means.

If every political conflict will move to the sports arena, and we will not be able to resist it, it will jeopardize the entire sport. Every country and every Olympic sport needs to respect the Olympic Charter and, in General, the essence of his sport. We will never allow disrespect to any of the participating countries, and the IOC.

UWW now checks all national federations conducting international tournaments, to ensure that they do not participate in active political disputes that could go contrary to the idea of an open and honest fight. In particular, our next tournaments will not be conducted in countries for any reason prohibiting the entry into its territory to athletes from other States,” said Lalovic.

As it became known, Ukraine was banned for political reasons the admission of several athletes of the European championship is a whole team of Kosovo, whose independence our country has not recognized, as well as one athlete from the national team of Russia, who illegally visited the Crimea.

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