Because of the decision of the former Minister Nowak Poland can be fined 20 million euros

Head \”signs\” Slawomir Nowak, October 2016

Because of the decision of the former Minister of transport Slawomir Nowak Poland can be fined 20 million euros. This was reported by “Polish radio” with reference to

Reportedly, the case is considered by Arbitration court in the Hague and its position is unprofitable, Poland.

“The Indian company Flemingo duty free shop, which is owned by Polish company duty free Baltona, is seeking cash compensation and a court in the Hague decided that Poland had made “a violation of the principle of fair and equitable treatment of investments and the prohibition of expropriation without compensation.” Thus, Poland may be obliged to pay the amount over 20 million Euro fine, with interest and cost of proceedings”, - stated in the message.

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We are talking about repairs at the airport. F. Chopin in Warsaw in 2012 - then the company “Polish airports” was led by former Minister of transport Slawomir Nowak, a former member of the party “Civic platform”.

The company, not wanting to lose the subsidies for the renovation of terminal $ 120 million (28 million euros), as well as to pay fines to the company Baltona, revoked their license. Then this decision was explained by the technical breach of contract.

The construction of a new terminal at the airport cost about 400 million zlotys (93 million euros), of which 120 million zlotys was EU subsidies. Now, however, the Arbitral Tribunal may set a Poland account for 80 million zlotys (18.6 million euros).

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Note that the company Baltona is based in the times of Communist Poland - a network of duty free shops in which to shop would mainly individuals who worked outside of Poland. In 2010 it was privatized and sold to the owner. Now is the leader of the Baltona duty free in Poland. At the same time, the profit of the company in other European countries only in the past year amounted to 430 million zlotys (100 million euros).

Recall also that Slawomir Nowak is now the head of the Ukrainian state administration of highways “Ukravtodor”. Recently, he received Ukrainian citizenship. We also know that Novak is involved in several corruption scandals in Poland.