Become known for the specialty with the highest pass grade

Стали известны специальности с самыми высокими проходными баллами

Most rating was Dentistry

Traditionally the highest standards for professions related to international politics, economy and law.

The highest number of points from applicants needed for entry to the profession of Dentistry. In second place was International law. Such data on Friday, August 3, published the press service of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

The report said the results of the admission campaign in 2018 by broad competition for the bachelor’s degree (master in medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary direction).

So, in the top 10 professions with the highest qualifying score came Dentistry, International law, International relations, International economic relations, Journalism, political Science, Management social and cultural activities, History and archaeology.

In addition, a significant number of points required for admission to a number of philological specialties, Chinese, Swedish, Japanese and other languages. To enroll in the mentioned professions need to recruit more than 185 points.

Top 10 specialties according to the admission score

Dentistry – 193,494 (MOH) and 188,552 (MES);
International law – 193,35;
International relations, public communication and regional studies – 192,066;
Management of sociocultural activities (mon) – 188,598;
International economic relations – 186,711;
Journalism (mon) – 186,252;
Political science – 186,05;
History and archaeology – 184,55;
Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy (MOH) – 184,391;
Cultural studies (MES) – 184,288

Earlier, the Ministry of education announced the top 5 specialties from students in 2018.

We will remind, this year on a budget of universities enrolled 59 thousand students.


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