Beer – the key victories of the German Olympians? In Pyeongchang, they brought 3,500 liters

Пиво - залог побед немецких олимпийцев? В Пхёнчхан они привезли 3500 литров

The Olympic German team arrived in Pyeongchang with his beer. At the winter Olympics, the Germans have never won so many gold medals. Thing in beer?

Especially for the German athletes in the Olympic village to the start of the Olympics brought 3,500 liters of non-alcoholic beer. According to American newspaper The New York Times, almost all athletes of the German national team used this drink. And not all do it for the love of beer, but because of those useful properties which can be compared with the influence of special sports supplements.

German non-alcoholic beer helps athletes to recover faster after heavy physical loads. “The drink is very good after training or competition,” says biathlete Simon Schempp (Schempp Simon), who won the Olympics silver medal in the 15-kilometer mass start. This beer is low in sodium, while it is not inferior to isotonicum the number of calories and carbohydrates. By the way, in 2017, the participants of the Berlin marathon has already received on the finish of the foam glass from the Erdinger non-alcoholic.

In addition to non-alcoholic beer two varieties – light Pils and Weizen of wheat, is the national team of Germany brought to South Korea for another 11 thousand liters of regular beer for the athletes – of course, have already finished the competition. This DW told in the press service of the Krombacher brewery, which became the official partner of the Olympic sports Confederation of Germany this year (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund).

Beer as a subject of research

Non-alcoholic beer for the first time appeared on the German market as a “drink drivers” in the GDR in 1972. In West Germany started to sell it only in 1979. Today there are about 400 varieties of non-alcoholic beer, produced by 15 manufacturers. Many German Breweries advertise it as a “beer for athletes” and even sell them in the fitness clubs.

The fact that this drink is useful for athletes experiencing strong physical activity for a long time has not been confirmed scientifically. But in 2009, the German scientist Johannes Scherr (Johannes Scherr) conducted a large-scale study. As an experiment, several participants in the Munich marathon to start drinking non-alcoholic beer every day for three weeks and two weeks after. So they have reduced the risk of inflammation and diseases of the upper respiratory tract infections. The scientist believes that all the matter is contained in beer polyphenols, chemical compounds that act as immunomodulators. In 2010 in Germany, increased sales of non-alcoholic beer, while consumption of traditional alcoholic option is significantly decreased.

“Non-alcoholic beer is really able to normalize the water-salt balance, and it contained maltodextrin helps replenish lowered glycogen. The drink contains b vitamins, potassium and magnesium,” emphasizes sports doctor Daniel Koenig.

However, it is worth remembering that non-alcoholic beer in some cases it could backfire: German doctors do not recommend drinking it pregnant women. Among other things, because the alcohol in this drink still exists, although its content does not exceed 0.5 percent.