Before the bankruptcy of IMEXBANK brought $11 million

Перед банкротством из Имэксбанка вывели $11 млн

Two criminal cases to bring IMEXBANK to insolvency

Close and related to the owners of Bank companies issued loans to 13 billion UAH.

A month before the recognition of IMEXBANK insolvent, it was taken out loans to individuals, liquidity security and at least $11 million this is stated in the message of Fund of guaranteeing the deposits of individuals.

“Valuations IMEXBANK is less than 15% of the amount recorded in the financial statements of the Bank. At the time, both “on paper” value of assets included in the bankruptcy estate, is 14 952,1 million, four independent appraiser evaluated at 2 081,8 million UAH”, – informs the Fund.

As noted, almost 90% of the book value of liquidness Bank loans granted to legal persons. Despite the fact that in the financial statements, this asset group was estimated at 13 329,2 million UAH, independent ODS have determined its value at 1 535,9 million.

“The reasons for this significant difference in the figures – several. So, 90% of the corporate loan portfolio insider loans. Close and related to the owners of Bank companies issued loans in the amount of UAH 100.0 million 13. Since the introduction of the interim administration, all “VIP customers” has ceased to perform its obligations to the Bank”, – the press-service.

In addition, a few months before the introduction of temporary administration by the owners of the Bank were withdrawn highly liquid collateral. In this case, with 25 Dec 2014 the only collateral for the loans 41 legal entities in the amount of 8.3 billion UAH became a football stadium in Odessa.

“Shortly before the stadium was groundlessly overrated, and that gave an opportunity to increase the collateral value at 7.8 billion. It is significant that in the formation of the liquidation estate, the independent valuers have assessed the 41 credits with the stadium in the pledge of 873,6 million UAH”, – stated in the message.

On the revealed facts of manipulation and abuse of assets the Bank has filed 170 allegations of criminal offences. The evidence of violations was the basis for two criminal proceedings by bringing the Bank to insolvency.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals has announced the withdrawal of almost 3 billion UAH of Bank Khreschatyk. Moreover, there is the threat of withdrawal of 250 million USD.