Belarus admitted that breaks through the border, the jeep didn’t come with the Ukrainian checkpoint – gpsu

Belarus has refused the claim that a car with armed men, breaks through the border the night of March 20, moved from the territory of Ukraine. About this on his page in Facebook said the speaker of the state border guard service Oleg Slobodyan.

He said that yesterday the border guards of the Zhytomyr border detachment held a dignified meeting with Belarusian colleagues.

As a result, Belarusian side has recognized that 1) no reason to say that the car came from the Ukrainian checkpoint not; 2) that the Belarusian side has violated some items of the communication Plan; 3) further undertakes to inform about the information received.

In case of more information about breakthrough, the parties undertook to inform each other.

Yesterday morning, the press service of the State border Committee of the Republic of Belarus announced that the car, coming from Ukraine, tried to break through the state border at the checkpoint “Alexandrovka” and the guards were forced to open fire to detain violators.

In uasbgs noted that the jeep, the intruder did not come from the territory of Ukraine.

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