Belarus has estimated the damage caused to the equipment due to dirty oil

Беларусь оценила ущерб оборудованию из-за "грязной" нефти

For liquidation of consequences of emergency at the Mozyr oil refinery will take about a year

Released the equipment to the Mozyr oil refinery is tentatively estimated at $ 30 million.

In Belarus, evaluate the cost of defective from polluted Russian oil to Mozyr oil refinery equipment at $ 30 million. On Friday, may 17, said Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lyashenko, BelTA informs.

He stressed that the final figure is yet premature to speak.

“But the chemical process trapped chlorine is such that thinning of the pipe which has already occurred and damage to the catalyst will still swim,” said Lyashenko.

More information will be obtained during the overhaul of the refinery, which is expected by August. “We have seen that a similar situation was in Russia in 2000-ies. Plant, usually up to a year experiencing the consequences of the failure of the equipment from the chlorine”, added Liashenko.

Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko said that getting contaminated oil in the Druzhba pipeline is Belarus hundreds of millions of dollars.

As reported, Ukraine estimates the losses due to incident of oil at a million dollars. Transit to Europe was recovered on may 11.

According to media reports, the damage due to an emergency may exceed $ 400 million.


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