Belarus restricted the import of pork from Ukraine

Беларусь ограничила ввоз свинины из Украины

Belarus has restricted the import of pork from Ukraine

This is due to the cases in Kherson region the African plague of pigs.

Belarus has temporarily restricted the import of pork from the Kherson region of Ukraine, and also from Panevezys and Utena counties of Lithuania, said ministerto of agriculture and food of Belarus.

In a press-service of the Department explained that the cases in these regions of the African swine fever.

Also introduced restrictions on the supply of feed and feed additives of plant and animal origin to animals, including poultry and fish.

In addition, restricted import of second hand equipment for the transport of pigs and raw materials (products) of animal origin, contents, slaughter and cutting of pigs.

These restrictions apply to the importation of food supplements for cats and dogs, ready heat-processed cat and dog food made from pig raw materials from these regions.

Last week, the EU and several other countries from Asia and Africa, suspended the import of poultry meat from Ukraine.

Previously Moldova has banned the import of meat from Ukraine.