Beleniuk and Chernetsky became the Champions of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling

Беленюк и Чернецкий стали чемпионами Украины по греко-римской борьбе

Determined Champions of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling 2019.

In Nikolaev the championship of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling. Participants were about 200 of the best athletes from different regions of Ukraine, who fought for the opportunity to represent Ukraine on the European and world Championships in Greco-Roman wrestling

The championship has passed without sensations. If you believe the words of the new head coach of the national team of Ukraine Sergey Andreeva, the team will get all the strongest, regardless of the results of the championship, but the champion of the country will get more chances to prove he is number one.

The main interest was the Olympic category, especially 60 kg, which brought together a large group of approximately equal class opponents. In the end, the champion was George Abovyan, which is in the final with a score of 8:6 defeated the bronze medalist of the world Cup 18 Lenur Temirov. Another award-winning wrestler in this category – Dmitry Tsymbalyuk – won bronze.

In category to 67 kg became the champion Parviz Nasibov. In the final he defeated Dmitry Demyankov on the last active action (the score in the final 5:5).

In the category up to 77 kg experienced Nikolai Daragan on the way to the championship in the semifinals, won over Evgeny Pishkova, and in the final defeated his brother Dmitry.

Intriguing was the final battle in 87 kg – the Vice-world champion among adults and Olympic medalist Jean Beleniuk on experience with the score 3:1 won the world youth champion Seeds Novikov. At the same time, Jean struggled in the final with a bandage on his head – in the semifinals, he got cut.

Nicholas rat became the champion in the category up to 97 kg, winning 11:4 he Safety, and Alexander Chernetsky once again became the champion of Ukraine in the category up to 130 kg, having won in the finals against Nicholas Kuchma.

Беленюк и Чернецкий стали чемпионами Украины по греко-римской борьбе

In non-Olympic categories the Champions became Vlad korostylev (55 kg), Nasriah Nasibov (63 kg), Igor Bychkov (72 kg) and Jaroslav Filchakov (82 kg).

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