Beleniuk became the triple champion of Europe on wrestling

Беленюк стал трехкратным чемпионом Европы по борьбе

Jean Beleniuk claimed their fourth medal of the Championships.

Silver medalist of the Olympic games in Rio 2016 Jean Beleniuk became the champion of Europe on Greco-Roman wrestling 2019.

In starting fight Beleniuk defeated John Kuklica from Croatia – 6:1 , and in the quarterfinals defeated the Hungarian Erika Szilvasi – 3:1, and for an exit in the ending dealt with the Lithuanian Avedacom Stankevicius – 5:1.

In the final Jean Beleniuk fought against Azerbaijani Islam Abbasov. The first half of the bout was won by the rival 0:1, but in the second half of the Jean is first pushed Abbasov beyond the carpet, earning one point and then ran the shot through the head for 4 points. After that, Jean has successfully ottamisesta, winning in the final 5:1.

This is the third gold medal of the Jean Belenko at the European Championships, which he won in 2014 and 2016. Also he has silver 2012.

On the eve of women’s freestyle wrestling team won the team championship of Europe

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