Beleniuk expressed the desire to go into politics after a career

Беленюк заявил о желании пойти в политику после завершения карьеры

The fighter is ready to do something for sport in the political sphere.

Olympic medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling Jean Beleniuk in an interview to ZIK said that after a career can go into politics.

“Now my focus is on the Olympics. I think it will be or business, or politics.

I think that something useful for their country, as a politician, I can do. Perhaps even for sport. I would put all efforts to make athletes heard.

What would I do? Now there is a question about which I have long discussions are, the question metsenatstva. The business could invest money in the sport for some preferences. But there is a deep need to understand in order to make it mutually beneficial.

Now, if I go into politics, my dream is to win the Olympic games is not feasible. So while it is out of the question. Only after his retirement.

The transition to MMA? First you need to try. I honestly don’t see myself in MMA, but don’t rule that out. Maybe after the Olympics I will hold several training sessions as fights to understand it turns out or not. I have to understand that for what risk. This will do after his career. I think that you can earn without that, monetizing its recognition”, – said Beleniuk.

Recently Beleniuk became the triple champion of Europe.

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