Beleniuk: the athletes of the national team was not interested in the opinion of the coach

Jean Beleniuk commented on the situation with the chief coach in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Scandalous situation in Greco-Roman wrestling coach, contrary to the decision of the expert Committee, who supported the current mentor Arthur Ziganova appointed Sergey Andreev, and athletes are allegedly ready to boycott the exercise.

In his Facebook commented on the situation, the silver medallist in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, world champion 2015 Jean Beleniuk.

“When the times has raised the salaries of coaches of national teams of Ukraine, predictably was a lot of wishing for a new head coach. Has not done without intrigues, conspiracies, ambitions and my beloved Greco-Roman wrestling…

At year-end Minister, paradoxically, decides not to renew the contract with Arthur by Ziganova and his team, and to sign a new coach Sergey Andreev. And most interestingly, absolutely no one, as the Federation/Association and the Ministry, asked about the national team athletes opinions on this. As if it’s nothing to do with us… I personally think this is absolutely the wrong approach,” said Beleniuk.

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