Belenus: Wanted to win “gold” for Ukraine, played the national anthem and raised the flag

Jean Beleniuk

The champion of Europe in Greco-Roman wrestling Jean Beleniuk summed up the results of the championship and told SPORTS bigmir)net on its preparations for the Olympic games.

The national team of Ukraine on wrestling successfully made a speech at the European Championships, winning 14 medals of different advantage, but until the last day, our team remained without a gold medal – from the mistakes of judges, somewhere because of their own mistakes. Only at the end of the tournament on the highest step of the podium managed to climb one of the best athletes of Ukraine, the world champion and already a double European champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in the category up to 85 kg Jean Beleniuk.

Jean already has the Olympic license in Rio, where will be one of the favorites for the gold medal. About the results of the European championship, as well as preparations for Rio Jean Beleniuk said in an exclusive interview with SPORTS bigmir)net.

- The European championship became a preparation stage for me for the Olympics. Nobody really set themselves important tasks to win, but I am inherently a perfectionist, so if you already came to the competition, in order to win.

The more Ukraine until the last day remained without a gold medal, so I wanted to win “gold“ for Ukraine, played the national anthem and raised the flag.

- Personally happy with the performance or there were errors?

- Of course, when you win, the mistakes are not so visible, but they are. Need to work on stand, stalls. I believe that there is no limit of perfection. If you stop at least for a couple seconds, a couple of days, we already feel the dip in form. In any case, you need to work more diligently, because the Olympics are a much bigger responsibility and they need to take the maximum.

- You already have a license. Realizing this, it is easier to train?

- Of course, it is easier to prepare, knowing that you have a license. I haven’t been on the site guys, because it’s hard for me to compare, then definitely easier. I already know that are preparing for the Olympic games and they have yet to prove their right to go to Rio on a wrestling carpet.

- Do coaches have somewhere to compete before the Olympics?

In may we are planning to play at the tournament in Rome and will focus on preparing for the performance in Brazil.

- What is the first work in preparation for the trip to Rio?

- If you look, the Olympics are even a bit lighter than the world Cup because the world Cup has around 50 members, and in the Olympics 20. The Olympics requires more mental preparation, the main tune, not to misfire at the main start of four years. About this I say those who went to the Games.

- The team has a psychologist, who helps you?

- Yes, we have a staff psychologist - Alexandra G. Korobeinikova. We already showed a couple of psychological techniques. Prepares us.

- At the Olympics it is planned to introduce an innovation with seeding wrestlers. This is a plus for athletes?

- The tournament bracket will be two finalists of the world championship, not the best in the world ranking. We have generally a strange situation with the rating, he never quite shows the truth so well that it planted the finalists of the world Cup. I think it is good that in the first battles will not come across each other strong wrestlers and then the audience will enjoy “sweet endings“.

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