Bellew: I’m not going to stand still until the Tendril hits me with my own combinations

Беллью: Я не собираюсь стоять на месте, пока Усик бьет меня своими комбинациями

The Briton shared his expectations from the next match.

British boxer Tony Bellew, which ukraintsu Alexander Usik will have to get in the ring on the 10th of November, shared expectations of the match with the undisputed champion in heavy weight.

“For me it is primarily a powerful challenge. The tendril is one of the most dangerous fighters of our time. No wonder it is a fear. Say that I have no chance, and that the Tendril I quickly put. Well, let’s see.

In any case, it will be the toughest fight of my career, there is no doubt. But know that the ring my recognition of the strength of the opponent will not mean anything. I’m not going to stand still while he beats me with my own combinations.

All are confident in his victory, so I have absolutely nothing to lose. I intend to do something that nobody else has ever done – defeat the absolute champion in heavy weight” – quoted BoxingScene Bellew.

Previously Mustache said that he was confident of his victory over the British.

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