Bellew insulted Moustache before the duel views

Беллью оскорбил Усика перед дуэлью взглядов

Tony Bellew has said the Ukrainian champion that is not afraid of him and will hit you in the face with all his strength.

The absolute world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik held a battle of opinions with his future rival Tony Bellew, the battle which will take place on 10 November in Manchester.

The Briton said that he managed to tell the Ukrainian champion before the duel views.

“I said to his face: “You are nothing, I fear nothing, I am not afraid of you, I’m not feeling the rapture, and November 10, I will punch you in the face as hard as you can” – quoted Bellew

Earlier Usik said that at the meeting Bellew said of himself that he is a superstar.

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