Bellew: Moustache will be the champion in superteach – I know

Беллью: Усик станет чемпионом в супертяжах - я точно знаю

Tony Bellew spoke about sparring with Oleksandr Usyk in Ukraine.

Briton Tony Bellew said about the confidence that his rival Alexander Usik will be the champion in the heavyweight division, and expressed his admiration for them, but promised that their battle on 10 November, everything will change. About Bellew said at a joint with Oleksandr Usyk’s press conference.

“Mustache is the best among the heavyweights on this account cannot be a different opinion. I know that after I beat him on 10 November, he will be world champion in superteach. I know. I watched him work many years ago, when he came to Ukraine. We then sparred with the Mustache and with Krzysztof glowacki, and after sparring participated in the tournament for the prizes of the Klitschko brothers.

I admire the Mustache, always been a fan of his. But on 10 November, everything will change. No matter how good it may be, I’m not going with admiration to look at him in the ring and allow him pathogenie combination. I’ll be hitting him with everything I have. You’ll have to nail me to the floor of the ring to win. And you’re capable of it, I’m not stupid to not understand this. But I don’t think you can do it,” said Tony Bellew, referring to the Barbels.

Earlier it was reported that the Tendril explained why he challenged Tony Bellew.

We will remind, fight the Tendril – Bellew will take place on 10 November in London.

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