Beloded started the year with victory at the Grand Prix on judo

Белодед начала год с победы на Гран-при по дзюдо

Daria Beloded

Two medals were won by the Ukrainian judoists on the first day of the Grand Prix of Tunisia.

Ukrainian judoka Daria he won a gold medal at the Grand Prix of Tunisia on judo in weight category to 48 kg.

Beloded started with the second round of the tournament and held four meetings, all won by IPPON ahead of time. First, the Ukrainian defeated Russian Oksana Agazade, then the Dutch amber Heresies, in the semifinals defeated compatriot Maria Chernyak, and in the final IPPON was extracted victory over Romanian Alexandra Pop.

29-year-old Maria Chernyak in the bronze final won against the Uzbek Diary Keldiyorova also not left without a medal.

He won his second career victory at competitions of level of the Grand Prix, before she was winning in the Hague in November 2017. Chernyak won a tenth medal on the Grand Prix.

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