Beloded the beginning of the Olympic cycle with a brilliant victory in Zagreb

Белодед начала олимпийский цикл с блестящей победы в Загребе

Georgy Zantaraya won the silver Grand Prix Zagreb judo.

The national team of Ukraine on judo brilliantly began their performances at the Grand Prix of Zagreb, which for our team started on the selection for the Olympic games in Tokyo.

In the first competitive day of the Grand Prix of Zagreb team leader Daria Bilodid (- 48kg) and Georgy Zantaraya (- 66кг) reached the finals of their weight categories.

17-year-old he performed for the first time after the injury that prevented her to take part in the European championship, but showed everyone that he is back even stronger. In the first three rounds of the tournament Beloded without any problems won with IPPON, in the semifinals at the waza-Ari beat the current world champion and the second number of a world rating (sama Dasha is the fifth in the world in its category) to Japanese Fun of Tanaki, and in the final finished with the third number of a world rating of Russian Debt to Irina.

Белодед начала олимпийский цикл с блестящей победы в Загребе

Zantaraia in the fight for gold was found by Tal Flicker of Israel (which did not help him to win bronze of the European championship 2017).

This time the Israelis once again. For fifteen minutes before the end of the fight he earned “vase-Ari”, which as a result and won. The Zantarai had the opportunity to carry out painful reception on a hand”, juji-gatame”, but the opponent managed to avoid it.

Белодед начала олимпийский цикл с блестящей победы в Загребе

The set of qualifying points to participate in the Olympics in 2020 will occur prior to may 25, 2020.

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