Belomoina: my Goal is always the same – win

Беломоина: Цель у меня всегда одна - победа

Jan Belomoina

Jan Belomoina told about his last “gold” in Austria, his team and future plans.

Ukrainian Yana Belomoina is a real expert in the discipline of cross country. She is European champion, three-time world Championship medalist, two-time world Cup leader. Also, the athlete participated in the Olympic games in 2012 and 2016, a 13 and 9 respectively. Recently Belomoina won “gold” at the prestigious Bicycle race in Austria. The site she told plans for the season following the Olympic games and the desire to win.

You recently won “gold” at the race in Austria. How difficult for you was given the victory?

Race Dachstein-Salzkammergut Mountainbike Grand Prix was held on may 15. It was the international launch of the highest category. On the Austrian track I produced for the second victory (the first was in 2015), and last year took second place. Track is familiar to me, besides, I was 100% ready, so that I could win. Now looking forward to the next, very serious start – the world Cup. It starts on may 20 in Czech Republic.

Tell us about your team. How long you been with them? What are the goals of the team puts in front of you?

My team is called CST Sandd American Eagle MTB Racing Team. I’m in it for the fifth year. Managers of teams interested in me in 2012, after the world Championships where I took second place. From season 2013 we are working together.

The goal of the national team lies in the raising of the flag and the sounding of the anthem of Ukraine as often as possible in different parts of the world. The goal of my team is to popularize it and our sponsors are also easier to do, by showing a good result. My personal goal is to be one of the strongest girls in my sport. So, there is only one goal – victory.

Which races did you participate this year?

The season I started early: the first starts were in Cyprus at the end of February. Until today, I’ve had many races where I showed quite good results. Now all my thoughts are focused on the first stage of the world Cup in the Czech Republic.

Беломоина: Цель у меня всегда одна - победа

Where you trained in the offseason? Why do one gets the usual working day of Yana Belomoina?

This offseason we first tried to carry out in Turkey. There I have cycled your first kilometers. Now almost every weekend I start, so train in the places where the competitions are held. My usual day is exercises, Breakfast, training, lunch, rest, the second workout (sometimes), dinner and sleep.

What are your goals for the season? Who do you consider your main rival?

In 2017, as in all previous seasons, the goals remain the same. Dream of victories and podiums on the world Cup, European Championship and world Championship. All who come with me to start my competition. Never underestimate rivals.

What a bike ride now? Tell me more about it.

Now I’m waiting for my new bike. Will be able to return to that question later and I will tell you all about it.

Беломоина: Цель у меня всегда одна - победа

In 2020 will be the next Olympic games. We can get you there to see?

The Olympic cycle is a long period of time. But I work and will work to get there and realize my dream.

How do you relax? Tell me about your Hobbies.

When I vacation, I try to escape from sports. It all depends on the mood, situation and place where I am. I love to cook something new, read and just explore the world.

The world Cup cross-country, which will be Jan Belomoina, will be broadcast may 20 on Red Bull TV.

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