Ben Arfa has refused to kiss with the President of Lyon

Бен Арфа отказался целоваться с президентом Лиона

Hatem Ben Arfa

The PSG French midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa refused to kiss the President of Lyon Jean-Michel Ola.

Hatem Ben Arfa their first steps in senior football did in Lyon. For Weavers midfielder played from 2004 to 2008-th years, before spending two years in the youth team of Lyon.

In yesterday’s match of the 14th round of the championship of France PSG got a difficult away victory over Lyon (2:1). After the match Hatem Ben Arfa gave an interview to French TV when he was approached by the President of Lyon and framed her cheek, expecting that the midfielder will kiss him.

Ben Arfa has ignored this gesture and then, Ola said, “You’re not gonna kiss me?”. Midfielder “dissed” the President of Lyon said, “Now I have an interview, I can’t.”

– Malaise TV (@malaisetele) 27 Nov 2016.

To say that Jean-Michel Ola and Hatem Ben Arfa have been acquainted for many years, from the days when the midfielder was still a child.


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