Benitez is ready to call in the championship

Бенитес готов к вызовам в Чемпионшипе

Rafael Benitez

Newcastle coach Rafael Benitez is going to return back Forty in the Premier League.

Benitez moved to St James Park in March, signing a three-year contract that contained a clause about the possibility to leave the team in case of relegation in the championship.

However, despite the final 18-th place in the championship and relegation from the Premier League, Benitez decided to stay in the team and signed a new three-year contract.

The Spaniard spent several years as head of the big clubs in the best European Championships, because in respect of his person there was always the question – and whether Rafa succeed more modest team?

It seems that the Benitez is confident in his abilities and is going to lead Newcastle to victory in the second most prestigious after the EPL League England.

“I know some people will say that I have no experience in the championship, but I started from the second division in Spain,” said 56-year-old mentor.

“My team played in the FA Cup and the League Cup, because we had several meetings with rivals from lower divisions.

“We have the necessary information, but, obviously, we need to prepare. And then we say “maybe…””.

“If we win the first game, you will say that we have a good team. If you lose, you will say that this is due to the lack of experience in the championship. But that’s football”.

“It’s important to do things right and to work hard every week,” said Benitez.

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