Berardi: Juventus – maybe Leopard – definitely not

Берарди: Юве – может быть, Барса – точно нет

Domenico Berardi

The player’s agent Sassuolo Domenico Berardi claims that Juventus are really taking an interest in his client, while information about the transition Domenico to Barca rumors.

Berardi is one of the most promising players in Italy. During his career he played in Serie A already 90 matches in which he scored 38 goals and recorded 23 assists.

In his 21 years he is already under the scrutiny of the big clubs, and earlier it was reported that his wish to purchase Barcelona and Juventus.

The amount of compensation prescribed in the player’s contract is 25 million euros. The money is quite unable to pay and Juventus, and Barca. However, as reported by the player’s agent, talking about Barcelona – it is only a rumor, but the interest from Juve is really there.

“There is no interest from Barcelona were not, we haven’t heard anything from them,” said the player’s agent Simone Seedone.

“At the same time, we have not had meetings with Juventus, and all I can do at the moment to say, Domenico – player for Sassuolo.

“He is very happy that his club could qualify for the Europa League. Now he is focused only on improving his game. He wants to be sure that it will continue to grow.”

“Berardi has always been a lot of interest from Italian clubs and clubs from other countries, but they should first start talks with Sassuolo, if you want to buy it”.

There is information that Juve is going to reduce the price of the player by sending in Sassuolo one of my players – Gianluca Gianluca Lapadula or Karbari.

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