Berdyansk “floated” after the rain

Бердянск "поплыл" после ливня

In Berdyansk flood of the streets

Rain in the night. The water flooded the yards of residents, streets, and public transport.

As a result of rainfall in Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region podtopilo of the streets and private households. On Sunday, September 16, reported in regional management of gschs.

The Ministry said that after the heavy precipitation on 16 September some of the streets flooded, in places up to about 20-25 cm.

Without electricity there are 1800 subscribers of the neighborhood Center and 1300 subscribers in the Scaffold residential district.

According to SSES, the power supply of the connected health field, work on restoration of power supply in two districts.



Earlier in Ivano-Frankivsk region after heavy rains overflowing the river was flooded and houses and gardens.

Also previously after the rain the streets of the city turned into rivers, stairs – on a stormy waterfalls.


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